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50+ Fitness/Low Impact

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As we age, it is still so important to keep up with proper exercise.  We will do a variety of fun low impact exercises, incorporate play (like bouncing indian rubber ball), focus on balance, coordination, flexibility, and strengthening. I will give you the special attention you need and make modifications for those of you who have joint or other issues.  My goal is to have some good laughs while we are getting in our workout!! The gals love the social aspect!!

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Review from Carol  ... 73
We love Kaley!! She helps me modify so I will not get hurt which is a huge benefit. I feel so comfortable with the group, working out together over 3 years now.  We don't like to miss it.  
Review from Maureen Burns 56.....My chiropracter has seen great improvements in my body since taking Kaley's class. I also just completed my bone density scan and it was perfect.  Could not be happier. 
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