Client Testimonies


Personal Training


$45 for 30 min

$55 for 45 min

$60 for 1 hour


* Must book 10 sessions at a time

** Can offer in-home personal training with a mileage charge 


Learn to Run Programs

Waterdown Community 8 wk 5k Learn to Run Programs for those new to running or wanting to run a faster 5k.

$95 for Single

$155 for Family(up to 3 ppl)

Small-Group Class


Small-Group Private Classes

4 wk focused results program with 1-on-1 support $90-$165/month

2 classes per wk:  $90 (10 per class)

3 classes per wk:  $127.50 ($8.50 per class)

4 classes per week $152($8 per class)

5 classes per week $165($7.50 per class)


Class Pass Option  

10 class pass for $150(must be used in 2 months)

Transformation Packages(Nutrition Fitness & Support)


Different packages available-please contact for pricing.  Prices range from $100-$800.



Online Fitness & Nutrition Programs

Full program solutions you do at home, office, or hotel. Different packages available.  Prices range from $40-$300.









Review from Maureen Burns 56.....My chiropracter has seen great improvements in my body since taking Kaley's class. I also just completed my bone density scan and it was perfect.  I could not be happier. 
Review from Sindy Ward(young mom of 2)

I started Kaley's classes after giving birth to my 2nd child, a short 6 weeks post-delivery. Kaley guided me through safe exercises as I rebuilt my strength. After only 7 weeks, I have more energy and I am seeing obvious results.

I really enjoy the variety (and creativity) of exercises, from week to week, and through the various classes. I truly feel I get a full body workout each time. I also enjoy that I can attend to my little one without feeling that I am disturbing the class, and can incorporate him in various ways through my workout, whether awake or asleep Not to mention the great moms I get to meet and motivate me!

I quickly incorporated Kaley's classes in my routine, often following a class with groceries, or other errands. It gets me and baby out of the house, AND I see results.


Review from Heather Nelson(business owner/hockey mom)

I recommend Kaley all the time for her classes and personal training. Kaley is the most supportive and kind trainer who is always looking for ways to help you meet your goals. If you are starting, re-starting or just really unsure get in touch with her, she will ease you into exercise and healthy eating.

Coming Soon

The most common concern I get from my clients is energy levels. They are either completely exhausted much of the day, can't get out of bed or feel the afternoon slump!!


The other issue is having a hard time staying consistent with a fitness or nutrition routine. 

My great friend Lynda I have developed a program called Breaking Free to Wellness. This 8 wk custom program will help you dig deep and finding ways to love yourself again.  You will be excited to nourish your body with movement, foods that make you feel good and energized, and learn lots of great tips for getting a great sleep :)  Next program start Tue Jan 5, 2021. In-person, online options available. Come learn to fall in love with yourself just like the way you felt at your 1st dance with someone you cared about deeply.  

Another common concern I get from clients is knee pain.  This pain can be caused by many sources!! I am not here to diagnose anything(you can go to one of our great Physio clinics here in the area), I am here to give you a great workout that takes into consideration your knee pain.  I will be offering these workouts Tue & Friday. See my schedule above.  


Also early Oct(tentative Oct 15th 6:30 pm) lookout for our knee workshop with a great fellow PT Kevin Buckley. He has a master's in Kinesiology and specializes in training clients for rehab. 

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