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Fun on the Farm Cooking Camp



We have created a camp all about fun, fitness, and healthy cooking/eating in the great outdoors. Similar to outdoor school but it will not feel like school :) 8 min north of Waterdown 6 acres of forest, gardens, small pond, cuddly cat Sam, 7 ducks(maybe even a few babies will be hatched), and chickens. Great area for bike riding.  Right across the road is our friends at Wyatt Farm Organics with grass fed beef cattle, mini donkeys, ducks, chickens and more. 

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To give every child a fun & safe space to feel free, active, and confident in the great outdoors.We love to encourage & teach about a farm based life style. 



To be a camp where every child is treated equally, respected, getting to explore nature while learning about farm animals and exploring the forest.  We will be "plenty active", "have 0 screen time" and "eat healthy food we cook together". We have that all covered.  


WE eat good food

I wanted to ensure this camp included some fun with using garden fresh produce as well as cooking. Your child will be free to eat what is growing in the garden, hey they may even pick a piece of spinach, or we may make spinach ice cream, the possibilities are endless. 



Week 1 July 17-24 9 am to 4 pm

Week 2 Aug 14-18 9 am to 4 pm

Ages: 7 to 12

10 campers max(split in 2 groups)

Cost: $275, $225 additional child

What to bring: Lunch(3 days we will cook together), drink, hat, running shoes, sunscreen, bug/tick spray, and face mask. I will have soap and water available for washing. Please sent sanitizer if you would like your child to use sanitizer. 

Snacks & lunch: We will prepare & cook lunch together M, W, F if allowed by public health. I will contact you on these details. Please send snacks, water, & lunch for Tue/Thur. 

Please note: An email will be sent to Parents/Guardians before each week of camp, outlining Health and Safety regulations, a snapshot of the week, reminders, etc. 

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