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Nutrition...80% of the big picture

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unique, Level III Sports Nutrition

Nutrition can be very overwhelming these days with all the information on the internet.

I have my level III certification in Sports Nutrition. I have helped many clients using simple techniques that are always customized to the individual.


I believe there is a unique solution for each individual as we are are all very different in our makeup.

Mindful Eating Tools


*Choose Protein in the morning over cereal or other grains
*Work on your sleep
*Work on your hydration which includes trying out some electrolyte drinks-home made or bought(be choosy, they should be salty)
*Include Good fats in your nutrition routine
Lift weights


Some example of tools I would use are:

* Helping you set up a monthly mini habit to stick to so you can reach your bigger goal over a set time.


*A mini habit I use with many clients is to include 30 grams of protein into their breakfast. 

I have used these tools myself and managed to keep my same weight +/- 5 lbs for 18+ yrs now using mindful eating and getting in tune with my body.  I teach you to do the same. 


 I offer a wide range of nutritional help:


*  1 on 1 meetings to asses and help keep you accountable


* Meal prep course

*Cooking services available 


*Grocery shopping


*Cooking classes for athletes or families

*8 wk breaking free to wellness program 


I am happy to offer you solutions to work around your allergies and dietary restrictions.  


Please book here  to discuss any of your nutrition needs.


*I am happy to work with teens. If there is an eating disorder concern I would refer out. 

Need help getting great nutrition on the go?? Late night snacking? This is what KJ uses.  

Super Foods in Shakeology can help and this is one of my personal practices. 

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