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Nutrition can be very overwhelming these days with all the information on the internet. I believe there is a unique solution for each individual. I have my level 3 certificate in Sports Nutrition. I have helped many clients using a very simple easy to follow "build your own mealplan guide". I have used these tools myself and managed to keep my same weight +/- 5 lbs for 15 yrs now using mindful eating and getting in tune with my body.  I offer you solutions you can stick with long term and on your chosen budget. I offer a wide range of nutritional help from one on one meetings, meal prep/planning, grocery shopping, and more. I am happy to offer you solutions to work around your allergies and dietary restrictions.  Please                           to discuss any of your nutrition needs. Below are a few examples of the plans/tools I use & testimonial. 

Mindful Eating Program

Super Foods on the GO.....Shakeology 
Portion Fix & Shakeology Review

“I had just turned 40 and had never felt worse about my body! My clothes were all too tight and I was extremely concerned about my health. I was desperate and just needed to do something. But what? I never exercised regularly before and I really didn’t know how to lose weight. But the second I saw 21 Day Fix and learned that not only was it a fitness program that anyone could do, but also a portion-control food system, I was sold.The best thing about 21 Day Fix was that it taught me how to replace bad habits with good, healthier ones. The containers were so incredibly easy for me to know exactly what to eat and how much to eat. There was NO calorie counting, just healthy eating. And Shakeology made the eating part even easier. It was my sweet treat every single day! Plus, because it was loaded with all kinds of nutrients, I knew I was fueling my body with what it needed to help me power through my workouts.Autumn was a great trainer. I loved her! She was so positive and encouraging, yet her words pushed me at the same time. But the best part about the program was my Challenge Group. They were the single greatest reason I achieved success. The accountability and the support made all the difference in the world for me. And in just 5 short rounds, I lost 54 pounds and went from a size 16 to a 6. My stomach, arms, and thighs shrank significantly and I feel so incredibly alive. Thank you Beachbody. You truly did change my life 

Jennifer K.


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