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*Results Driven

*Certified trainers 7+ yrs

*Meet you where you are at

* Very caring & compassionate trainers

*Safety 1st!!

*Couples or friend training available

*Focus on posture correction

*Mobile & online service available 

*Pilates is one of those hidden gem classes

*Can help with many muscle & joint issues

*Core strengthening is main focus

*Better Flexibility & Mobility

*Low Impact & easy on the wrists

*Great for arthritis 


* 8 Week Learn to Run Program or Walkfit

*Designed to help you tackle your running or walking goals 

*Family Friendly

*5 min educational talks 

*Warm-up tailored for all levels

*Walkfit includes station exercises

*Cool down 

For learn to run:

* Weekly homework will also be given to keep you on track!

 *Weekly emails to review Coles notes

*Running drills aimed at increasing endurance and speed

*Low impact workouts

*50+ years 

*Those with muscle & Joint issues welcome

*Safe & offer lots of modifications

*More strength

*Better balance

*Better coordination

*Improve your mobility

*Posture correction work

*Increase your heart rate to a safe level



Feedback from one of our long time 50+ members

Our small group training classes are all about:


*meeting you where you are in regards to skill level.


*Large variety of classes 


*Fun and Effective for helping you feel your best.  


*Group fitness can be very rewarding and a great social outing.  


*Loyal clients many have been with us from the beginning in 2015



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Our signature Wellness Series

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*True Transformations happen here with this type of program


*We help you dig deep in your thoughts to address your long time or new struggles


*Provide very close support


*Group setting is very powerful to hear viewpoints and struggles from others just like yourself

*Increase energy levels

*Results driven


My great friend & team member Lynda and  I have developed a program called Breaking Free to Wellness. This 8 wk custom program will help you dig deep and finding ways to love yourself again.  You will be excited to nourish your body with movement, foods that make you feel good and energized, and learn lots of great tips for getting a great sleep :)  Come learn to fall in love with yourself just like the way you felt at your 1st dance with someone you cared about deeply.  

lynda breaking free to wellness real_edi

Workshops & keynotes we can offer:

*Knee pain workshop
*Charity Run Warmups
*Corporate Wellness
*Athletic performance & Nutrition
*Senior Wellness & Nutrition
*Fat for Fuel Presentation or Keynote/Workshop/series 
*Breaking Free to Wellness *Workshop/Keynote/Series
*Youth cooking classes-see photos here


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warm ups with kjs pain challenge_edited.

We are fun and love the
community  aspect!!  

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