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KJ personal training lifting bosu ball
Learn to Run class picture

*Results Driven

*Certified trainers 8+ yrs

*Meet you where you are at

* Very caring & compassionate trainers

*Safety 1st!!

*Couples or friend training available

*Focus on posture correction

*Mobile & online service available 

* 8 Week Learn to Run Program or Walkfit

*Designed to help you tackle your running or walking goals 

*Family Friendly

*5 min educational talks 

*Warm-up tailored for all levels

*Walkfit includes station exercises

*Cool down 

For learn to run:

* Weekly homework will also be given to keep you on track!

 *Weekly emails to review Coles notes

*Running drills aimed at increasing endurance and speed

*Low impact workouts

*50+ years 

*Those with muscle & Joint issues welcome

*Safe & offer lots of modifications

*More strength

*Better balance

*Better coordination

*Improve your mobility

*Posture correction work

*Increase your heart rate to a safe level


Fasci Stretch Therapy

*Helps Joint pain

* Increased mobility

*Increased Flexibility

*Improve stiffness

*Improve overall pain

*Youth confidence coaching

*Workplace Health & Safety 
*Charity Run Warmups
*Corporate Wellness
*Athletic performance & Nutrition
*Senior Wellness & Nutrition
*Fat for Fuel Presentation or Keynote/Workshop/series 
*Breaking Free to Wellness

*Youth cooking classes-see photos here


Workshops & keynotes:

breaking free to wellness ad
lynda breaking free to wellness near corn field

Some past work

Podcast KJ was on
warm ups with Kjs Farmborough paint challenge
 knee pain picture with txt
Kj's walk-fit group

We are fun and love the
community aspect!!  

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