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*Results Driven

*Certified trainers 8+ yrs

*Meet you where you are at

* Very caring & compassionate trainers

*Safety 1st!!

*Couples or friend training available

*Focus on posture correction

*Mobile & online service available 

* 8 Week Learn to Run Program or Walkfit

*Designed to help you tackle your running or walking goals 

*Family Friendly

*5 min educational talks 

*Warm-up tailored for all levels

*Walkfit includes station exercises

*Cool down 

For learn to run:

* Weekly homework will also be given to keep you on track!

 *Weekly emails to review Coles notes

*Running drills aimed at increasing endurance and speed

*Low impact workouts

*50+ years 

*Those with muscle & Joint issues welcome

*Safe & offer lots of modifications

*More strength

*Better balance

*Better coordination

*Improve your mobility

*Posture correction work

*Increase your heart rate to a safe level


me practing.PNG

*Helps Joint pain

* Increased mobility

*Increased Flexibility

*Improve stiffness

*Improve overall pain

*Workplace Health & Safety 
*Charity Run Warmups
*Corporate Wellness
*Athletic performance & Nutrition
*Senior Wellness & Nutrition
*Fat for Fuel Presentation or Keynote/Workshop/series 
*Breaking Free to Wellness *Workshop/Keynote/Series
*Youth cooking classes-see photos here


Workshops & keynotes:

Wellness Challenge

5x7 front_edited.jpg
lynda breaking free to wellness real_edi

Some past work

knee workshop_edited.jpg
warm ups with kjs pain challenge_edited.

We are fun and love the
community  aspect!!  

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