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Learn to Run



Our learn to run and walkfit programs are custom designed for you to reach your goals in a healthy outdoor environment.  We aim to keep this program social as well as get in a great cardio burn through running intervals or walking with station exercises. 



To give every participant a fun & safe space to feel free, active, and confident. We love to encourage & teach from our toolchest. We follow your lead and provide guidance and full support the whole 8 wks together. 



To be a place where every person is treated equally, respected, and gets to explore their capabilities when it comes to running or walking. We aim to provide great community health & fitness programs outdoors to reap the benefit of finding joy through moving in nature.


WE Have Community Support

Running as a group with a coach is so helpful to keep you on track for reaching your goals. 


Continuous 8 wk programs excluding late  Dec-Feb

Multiple meetup date options

What to bring: Mat, Pen, & open heart



Cynthia(left) Mom & Biz owner

Lynda and Kaley were the dream team of coaches. You can feel that they really care and pour themselves into what they do. I learned so much about gentleness, care and love for myself. I recommend the class and would join them again because each time you peel away the next layer you are ready for. 

samantha bftw.jpg

Samantha, Career Mom

My biggest takeaways from this course: Taking the time to care for myself – including rest is valuable. Also to look at self care as so many things, saying no, resting, eating better, planning etc.


Amber,Mom & Owner Waterdown Physio 

I became less focused on loosing weight and more focused on feeling my best and I still lost weight.

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