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I feel too BUSY to cook(read till end for the best tip)!!

When you are feeling busy (aka Buried Under Satan's Yoke) it’s so easy to forget about dinner until it’s dinner time. I am honestly speaking to myself here!! I so want to get focused on getting better at having a nice dinner for my husband when he comes home and feed my kids well so they stop eating so much from the pantry.

Practice Once-a-Week or Once-a-Month Cooking

Once a week food prep and cooking is a dream come true for many of us. If you could get a week’s worth of dinners prepped in a few hours each week, you’d save so much time and enjoy eating a healthy meal as a family. Sometimes I hire my friend Lynda to do this for me. It is a huge blessing and she is an awesome cook!! Hey are you a good cook? You could do that too for some extra money.

She is very special lady!! This is Lynda's annual Christmas dinner event where we made 100 dinners for Hamilton Helping Hands Street Mission.

Keep Some Real Food Convenience Items On Hand

While it’s sometimes tough to find convenience foods that truly fit the description of real food, I think it’s important to give yourself a break from time to time by using some pre-packaged foods. I find that it helps to keep snacks like beef jerky, nuts, boiled eggs, protein bars or shakes on hand.

For the finale, my BEST TIP

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