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Shoulder & Back Injury Workout

So I did a number on myself in 2023! I had my 1st shoulder injury and now I can really empathize with those of you that have injured your shoulder as well. I fell down a small flight of stairs slipping on hard wood with socks. Note to self do not wear socks on hardwood stairs!! I was carrying a glass bowl so I did not want to break the bowl on my friends floor so I landed a** over tea kettle and landed on my left hip(my locked up SI joint one) and my left shoulder.

For my back injury I have a couple things going on. I have had a sticky SI joint for a while. If you don't know where your SI joints are, its the bony bit on the lower part of your love handle area. I also have a compressed L5 disk from my high contact sports like rodeo and snowboarding and deadlifting heavy weight. I learned the hard way but my back doctor(Dr. Brad at Life Lounge in Burlington) told me dead lifting is a great way to keep him in business, so don't do it!!

Here is a great workout you can do to get ripped and still have the pain in the rear end injuries like I have.

I used BFR bands in this workout to get a good burn in just under 20 min!! Ain't got no time to get in a 45 min workout today and many days that is the case so I like to use these bands to give me a hand to still get a great workout but be able to cut the time and weights out since my injury does not allow me to lift like a normally like to(heavy)

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