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How to beat a cold or sore throat in 1 day

Tis the season of joy and the onset of your body letting you know it needs to detox. I am famous this time of year for adding in more sweets and this usually means more baked goods and cheeses. Unfortunately, my body is not the best with sweets and the combo of gluten and dairy. I can have a bit on its own but throw it all together and I usually get symptoms like a sore throat or aches and chills.

Now lets get to the juicy part where I tell my remedy to get rid of the sore throat/cold in 1 day

I have learned a lot about my body in the past 45 years(aging myself here :) ). My body can detox very well with a scarf(even while sleeping), castor oil pack around neck, bee propolis spray(or raw honey(has some bee propolis in it) garlic(I put it in my water as I can't stomach it raw on an empty stomach), lots of liquids(bone broth soups are usually in there), higher does of vit c, vit d, the occasional zinc (I have to have a very full stomach to tolerate zinc). I also use some doterra clove & oregeno oil diffused as well as rubbed on bottoms of feet and ingested a few drops mixed in water(this can be hard on some of our kidneys so use caution and consult with your holistic doctor on this one).

Get some fresh air, go for a walk (I know it can be hard to get out of bed). Sleep as much as needed as well.

Ok when I wrote that all down that seemed like a lot!! I was thinking in my head what I do is very simple. I guess I am just used to it. It feels easy to me lol.

Here is a video explaining it all.

Get well soon!!

Lots of Love,

Coach Kaley

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