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Tue, Aug 25


KJ's Transformation Fitness(Private)

Breaking Free 8 wk Wellness Program

Break Free of those stressors holding you down.

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Breaking Free 8 wk Wellness Program
Breaking Free 8 wk Wellness Program

Time & Location

Aug 25, 2020, 6:30 p.m. – Oct 13, 2020, 8:00 p.m.

KJ's Transformation Fitness(Private), Waterdown, Hamilton, ON L0R, Canada

About the event

No one escapes stressful events. Thankfully, our bodies are built to weather most storms, and even thrive or grow from those experiences in small doses. However, it’s all too common for many of us to experience longer lasting and more damaging effects of stress.


Science shows that three types of stress — whether ongoing daily stressors of modern life, a major stressful event, or emotional trauma from childhood — are deeply connected to the advent and perpetuation of autoimmune disorders, even decades later. Your doctor may not have inquired about stress in your life or educated you about the strong connections between stress and autoimmune issues, and that’s a gaping hole in modern medicine. As much as we may want to ignore it, there is ample evidence that the mind and body are inextricably linked.

We will meet weekly for 1 1/2 hr incorporating:

1. Custom weekly fitness regime that will increase each week(custom based on your goals set up at the beginning)

2. Discuss and apply tools hold you accountable for mindful eating for you body type.

3.  Give you tools to succeed for a blissful recovery including trying out different sleeping hacks, quiet times daydreaming, taking time to think about quotes, discussions.

4. Guest Speaker based on your goals(examples: career, nutrition, parenting, anxiety, dealing with teens, breaking bad habits, etc).

5. Samples

6. Free meal plans

7. 30 min  free one-on-one consult for fitness plan, nutrition, or spiritual coaching

About your hosts:

 Kaley Metler CPT, CSN(finishing exams): 

Certified Personal Trainer, Sports  Nutritionist(diploma end of month) Group Fitness Coach, Mom & Duck & Chicken Owner

I have played competitive sports all my life and still do today. Running has always been part of my training and I was Arizona State Champion in 300 Hurdles & 800 M moving on to attend National Qualifying Meet. I have a fun easy going spirit and love to encourage the family aspect of training.

I focus a lot on mobility and ensuring we all learn how to move all of our joints for better range of motion and less injury. I love teaching in many areas and first and foremost teach core engagement. I am versed in teaching these types of classes: pilates, aquafit, bootcamp, piyo, HIIT, kickboxing, office exercises for better posture, and really enjoy working with those over 50. I have a great connection with them and I find they are not always looking for the newest fad on social media feed and are very loyal :) I love teaching barefoot in a nature setting as I feel we all need to escape the digital world we are in and learn to develop all the great muscles in our feet.

For mindful eating(nutrition), my journey has been on a steady incline to BETTER I would say. First 15 yrs of my working career was in field engineering for Schlumberger and then GE. On the go style eating(eating out more than I was eating home cooked food but I did take along a lot of cans of tuna lol. I recall a coworker once telling me a style of eating he was doing, which was basically anti inflammatory. I had my food sensitivity test done by a naturopath and it was smooth sailing if I ate according to it and not over eat(especially in particular carb area). I am fascinated how the body can be so healthy by our food choices. I am now getting my diploma in Sports Nutrition so I can help my clients even more :)

Lynda Bonus

Work-life balance expert.  Wife, mom, planner, Certified Poundfit instructor, Chiropractic Health Assistant, Every Body Yogi, Nap advocate.  Group Fitness Instructor dropout :/ On the journey with you…

After suffering a burnout (the result of being consumed by my career), I was forced to make some serious changes in order to SAVE my life. I had to take (and continue to do so!) a long and deep look at myself and ask "who am I" and "what do I want". This led to a shift in priorities and freedom that I am grateful for every day! I love to practice and promote self-care in many forms (more than bubble baths and manicures, although those are important, too!). A few of them you might see me doing are dance, Yoga, Rest, Day Trips, cooking, gardening, reading, Poundfit, and slowing down to think, celebrate, and enjoy life. You know, all the stuff we say we WANT to do but don't make time for.  I MAKE time for it and would love to share how you can, too. My biggest challenge is the commitment <-> abandonment cycle that occurs when I implement rigidity into my journey.  My continuous goal is to be in flow, listening to my body and continuing to recover to a healthy state of loving myself well so I can love others well.

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