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Parent/Child Fitness

Stroller Fit
Mom & Baby Fitness
Moms are busy, that's just the way it is.  This class is designed to accomplish a few things all at the same time:
1.  Get a great workout- focusing on pelvic floor and toning to help get your body back to something you can be proud of!!
2.  Enjoy a quality outing with your little one(s)
3.  Has a play date feel so everyone gets to socialize
4. Little ones get stimulation and get to be active as well
Review from Jennifer Behie(young mom of 2) 

I have been doing Kaley's Mommy & Baby classes since early spring!
I love that I am able to bring my child(ren) to the classes. I also love that I'm able to maximize their awake time by getting myself a workout in when they are awake and playing. Then, we have nap at home and I still get some 'me-time'!

I have seen really great results from working out with Kaley. I love that she prioritizes being outdoors, core workouts, baby's needs and personal goals. She gets to know you and it shows!

As a mom with schedules that can change, I appreciate that I can come to classes that work and miss the odd one that doesn't. I only pay for workouts I do! So, it's money well-spent and money never wasted.

Review from Sindy Ward(young mom of 2)

I started Kaley's classes after giving birth to my 2nd child, a short 6 weeks post-delivery. Kaley guided me through safe exercises as I rebuilt my strength. After only 7 weeks, I have more energy and I am seeing obvious results.

I really enjoy the variety (and creativity) of exercises, from week to week, and through the various classes. I truly feel I get a full body workout each time. I also enjoy that I can attend to my little one without feeling that I am disturbing the class, and can incorporate him in various ways through my workout, whether awake or asleep Not to mention the great moms I get to meet and motivate me!

I quickly incorporated Kaley's classes in my routine, often following a class with groceries, or other errands. It gets me and baby out of the house, AND I see results.

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